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It seems to be a common assumption that men are the only ones who can have amazing, powerful, unforgettable orgasms. However, the truth is that many, if not most women can provide orgasms just as well, but they just go about it in a different way. There are many different reasons why some women have amazing orgasms and some women just have regular “good days.” And while some women prefer the clitoral orgasm over all others, there are still others who can have it all. In this article, I will share with you some of the surprising sex wisdom of women.

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One of the most interesting things that most women will share with you is that they experience arousal in different ways. While some women just experience heightened sensations and excitement, others will experience different levels of arousal. Some may not even come to a full point of arousal until much later and may not be able to achieve orgasm at all until then. It’s important to keep this in mind when trying to get into her body and keep your attention focused on her. It’s also very helpful for both of you to learn how to slow down or stop your own arousal and focus on her.

Another thing that most women will share with you is that they have various types of orgasms. While some women will experience a tingling sensation of enjoyment after foreplay, others will have stronger sensations. Some may experience a feeling of fullness in their breasts. Some may experience no sensation at all and yet still be able to achieve an orgasm because they are so close to experiencing orgasm.

One of the most interesting pieces of information that I was able to find out while doing research on women’s sex drive was that women have varying levels of sensitivity. This may come as quite a surprise to you. However, most men never pay any attention to this fact. In fact, many men never experience any type of sexual pleasure. They just go through the motions because they are used to having sex without feeling any type of pleasure. It’s important to know this because this means that you can use this information to put her in the mood.

Finally, another thing that most women will share with you is that they like variety. You may have told her that you like variety in bed but you haven’t given her the freedom to experience different things with you. Women want to have experiences with different men so that they can learn different techniques and ways of pleasuring them in bed. It’s important to do this if you want to be the man who is able to satisfy a woman in bed. It doesn’t matter what you look like or how big your penis is; she wants to be with a man who has an erection that is impressive to her.

The women I was with learned these pieces of sex wisdom from the men that they went with. There are a lot of books and websites that you can find that offer you these tips. However, the most effective way to learn them is by experiencing them for yourself. This way you can share them with your girlfriend or wife, and she can experience them as well.

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